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      I came across your content a couple of days ago and I do have to admit that I love it! So helpful and illuminating💡 Cannot wait to read more and more and more 😊 Keep the great work up!
      Simona Caterini
      Simona Caterini
      Hey, Carlos. I'm sure you're helping a lot of people with your posts about the business side of translation. I certainly like them 🙂
      Iona-Leda Costea Nicolae
      Wow! Thanks for the resources!
      Dr. Andrew Hudson
      Hello Carlos. All you ever talked about is exactly what I'm going through. Thanks for being here 🙏.
      Raghad LI profile
      Raghad Ghaly, M.A.
      Hello Carlos👋, I really loved your post. It will be great to share more information.
      Bruna Santanita
      Bruna Santanita
      A roadmap to standing out in a crowded translation industry. Thanks for freely sharing all these insights.
      Danielle Sagang
      Danielle Sagang
      I am so grateful that you help me and many others see translation in a different perspective, and galvanising us to work hard.
      Dudley Viban
      Dudley Viban
      One of your last posts really inspired and motivated me. Thank you for your inspiring words!
      Catherine Gallo
      Catherine Gallo
      My go-to person in terms of writings on translation business/entrepreneurship! Thank you so much for all your well-organized and very informative posts.
      Yeon Jung (Jane) Kim
      Yeon Jung (Jane) Kim

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