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Get to learn more about me, my mission and story, as well as why and how I am qualified to help you grow your translation and localization business.

On a mission to help one million transpreneurs.

Running a translation business is challenging. Especially when you run it alone. Online distractions, shorter deadlines, high pressure levels, multitasking, uncertainty, feast and famine, you name it. My goal is to help one million translators transition from “just freelancers” to ambitious transpreneurs – and grow their one-person businesses to new heights.


It's all about resilience.

I got started in translation with no diploma, owning no computer (not even a desktop) and no reliable Internet connection. In my early years, I applied to thousand translation  companies, filled in countless form and reached out to vendor managers just to collaborate with the worst clients ever. These include bottom-feeders, late payers and non-payers (aka scammers).

Trapped in a feast-and-famine cycle, I had regain control over my freelance activity and step it up. Upon going the small business way, I discovered a lot more about human psychology, small scale economics, branding essentials and marketing approaches I leveraged to 10x my revenues in just a few years. I want to share such life lessons with fellow linguists.

Why will you trust me?

Experience-based tips.

No one likes generic theories or far-fetched methodologies. 
Any piece of content shared with you is based on my OWN experience working with businesses and organisations below.

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Memberships & Accreditations.

Some accreditations issued to me by both translation circles and business stakeholders.

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2020 MEA Business Awards

A few (good) words.

You don’t have to trust my words. You may want to trust theirs,
as they’ve experienced hands-on changes in their own translation and localization businesses.
I came across your content a couple of days ago and I do have to admit that I love it! So helpful and illuminating💡 Cannot wait to read more and more and more 😊 Keep the great work up!
Simona Caterini
Simona Caterini
Wow! Thanks for the resources!
Dr. Andrew Hudson
Hello Carlos. All you ever talked about is exactly what I'm going through. Thanks for being here 🙏.
Raghad LI profile
Raghad Ghaly, M.A.
One of your last posts really inspired and motivated me. Thank you for your inspiring words!
Catherine Gallo
Catherine Gallo
I am so grateful that you help me and many others see translation in a different perspective, and galvanising us to work hard.
Dudley Viban
Dudley Viban
Hello Carlos👋, I really loved your post. It will be great to share more information.
Bruna Santanita
Bruna Santanita

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